Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

24 January, 2011

Lace Tights and Tweed

This pair of Tights is from a store called GoldenPoint. Its a chain store in Europe that carries nothing but hosiery in winter and swimwear in the summer. GoldenPoint 

I think these particular pair I think were the brand Omsa. They are the the perfect shade of brown and they are about a 20 or 30 Den so they can be worn into the spring. 

I paired them with my new blouse that my grandmother gave me for Christmas which is from Chadwicks and the perfect pencil skirt from Zara its a dark brown and black tweed with a simple kick pleat in the back. I usually wear Retro (from MAC) lipstick with this outfit, but forgot to reapply before I took this photo.

I have worn these tights with many different outfits, but this one is my favorite!

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