Best Valentine's Day gift and surprise for that someone special

 Add a little seduction to your legs this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to add a little something extra to your outfit. Start with your favorite dress, and remember it's what's underneath that counts. The underpinnings on Valentine’s day will be the only aphrodisiac you’ll need 

So put away those plain Jane tights and jeggings and go for the sexy classic stocking. The second you put on stockings your outfit will go from stuffy to sultry. There is something about the art of getting dressed with a garter and stockings that always add a little swagger in one’s step.

First off you will need a garter belt. These come in many forms. The classic garter belt, will feel seductive and is a wonderful turn on for when you get home...These work best with classic seamed stockingsnylon stockings and some stockings that have stretch

Then there are suspenders, these clip on to the top of the panty and the top portion of the stocking. These are also a great way for beginners to get adjusted to stockings. I recommend using a pair of Stockings with a bit more stretch in them for these. 

If  you don't think that you can pull off stockings, or feel that they are way more of a hassle then you need. Then there are always thigh-highs, or hold-ups as I call them. These have the illusion of being stockings but with silicone bands on the top to hold them in place requiring no garters or suspenders. Plus they come in a range of beautiful prints, and patterns adding a little more zip to your Valentine’s Day attire...again these are great for after the dress comes off too...

Finally, if either scare you half to death or you just want to be secure and sexy. There are a lot of beautiful and sexy tights out there that can still add that zing...Try a pair of tights with a back seam so when you walk away there is more to look at...

The most important thing is to remember to have fun, and always show a glimpse of stocking!