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09 December, 2011

Sorry for the delay, but check out these new Calzedonia Leopard Polka Dot Tights

Hi, first I would like to formally apologize for not being a better blogger.  I have started my own on-line company named PeekBrooklyn.com which sells the BEST selection of TIGHTS on the web! So it has been taking up all of my time ...which has left NO time for Blogging...

Also, my camera broke which also contributed to not being able to Blog. But, for my birthday my amazing husband bought me a new camera. The Olympus Pen Lite E-PL3 which has totally transformed my blogging experience.

These amazing tights are from the Fall 11 Calzedonia Collection, my personal shopper; Carmen, at the store in London sent them to me along with dozens of the finest pairs from the Fall collection. These tights are a blueish gray with black and gray leopard print, but what makes them stand out the from other leopard print tights is how they fade to a subtle polka-dot. Thus combining two of the hottest trends in hosiery for the Fall 11 season.

I have talked about my worry about wearing Leopard print tights in the past.  I officially own 6 pairs of leopard print tights,  and even a pair of Leopard Print shoes which are more hip then Fran Dresser from the Nanny.

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