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20 October, 2011

Two Brooklyn MOMS go COMMANDO in the Park after School-Commando Black Opaque Tights are Great!

Today with the nip of Fall in the air I decided to wear my new pair of Commando Black Opaque Tights! These tights have been called the must have Black Opaque Tights by Lucky Magazine and Fashion Bloggers 2 years running.

I am never one to jump on the band wagon with trends, so I decided to take the bait and try what are called the Best Black Opaque Tights. So I headed over to PeekBrooklyn.com to purchase these magic tights.  

The Commando Black Opaque Tights have a 70 Denier and a no dig waistband, the signature of Commando's other products most specifically their underwear. 

First I tested their denier with the stretching of the tights over many hand...Not too bad, not as black as a 70 denier typically is, but very good. They are so soft and luxe! 

So then the outfit, with the seamless waistband on the tights the possibilities were endless. Then I remember the lace tunic I bought a while back that would have to be worn before the cold weather comes. So laying many slips including a Commando Slip, I discovered that  Lucky Magazine, the Bloggers and Emily Blunt were onto something. 

THESE are the MOST COMFORTABLE TIGHTS I have ever WORN! That is was a big shock to me since I own more then 300pairs of tights, and I wear tights every single day!

I wore them all day, and felt like I was sitting in my yoga pants. Then it was off to the park for some play time with Max. I get there and my pal Tammy was wearing a pair of the Commando Black Leggings! 
They are sophisticated black tights that you can also have a good run around in!

Both styles of Commando Products are available at PeekBrooklyn.com


  1. They sound fabulous! Now that I'm wearing skirts and dresses again, will have to give those a try. You both look fabulous in that shot.

  2. from what i can see, these black tights do look pretty cool.

  3. I've been looking for really comfy tights - I hate the ones that have really tight waistbands. Thank you for the rec! :)