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05 October, 2011

The difference between Stockings, Hold Ups, Tights and Leggings!

After posting the poll earlier this week, I have been flooded with questions about what the difference is between Stockings, Hold-Ups, Tights and Leggings. In fact my co-workers and I were just discussing the confusion and differences. So an in depth description is definitely necessary.

Lets start with Tights-The definition of tights: a piece of clothing made of a thin stretchy material which covers the leg and lower part of the body below the waist, and which is worn by women and girls. (Sometimes-wink- the brand Gerbe make a fantastic collection for Men as do most Italian manufactures)
Tights come in all different colors, sizes and patterns. They can be funky or conservative and can either make you look polished or ready to go out on the town. Unlike Pantyhose which are usually more neutral in color as if having a bare leg with out texture or style as far as I am concerned and incredibly uncomfortable if they have control top.

Next Leggings-are tight, form-fitting trousers that extend from the waist to the ankles; Leggings are typically made from a blend of Lycra, and either nylon, cotton, or a cotton-polyester blend. However, leggings can also be made from wool, silk, and various synthetic fabrics and can be completely opaque or patterned. In recent years have been come more fashionable and can be worn alone or with a tunic type top. I like Leggings, not my favorite trend as far as Hosiery, but they are great worn with boots so that you don’t wear out the heels of your tights. They are come in denim and are called “Jeggings”.

Sparkle and Fade Leggings from Urban Outfitters

On to my favorite form of leg wear - Hold Ups. I prefer these to tights and come in the same or more variety as far awesome patterns you can get. Hold Ups are stockings that can be worn with or without suspenders. They glamour of stockings with the convenience of tights! Hold Ups, unlike stockings come in a wide variety of textures, materials and patterns. They are usually made from nylon or a Lycra blend. They are both sexy and functional for daily wear. They are harder to find in the States and are far more comfortable then tights.

Finally Stockings, the common misconception is that all of the above are in face “stockings” which is not true. The history of the word Stocking -The use of stocking to mean a leg covering may have arisen from the blackly humorous comparison of the stocks in which people's legs were restrained as punishment with "leggings, hose." Until comparatively recently stocking was a unisex term (as it still is in the expression "in your stockinged feet"); the restriction to women's hose is a 20th-century development since prior stockings were worn mostly by men. Modern usage of the word stockings generally refers to thigh high nylon stockings, two matching pieces, and depending on the design, can be quite sensual. Stockings usually come in nylon or in Silk and have to be worn with Garters or a Garter belt. These can even go a few steps further and become fully fashioned. Which are by far the most beautiful and classic.

Cervin Champs Elysees
100% Silk Stockings

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  1. thanks for this post! i have always wondered about the differences between all these hosiery types!

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