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12 October, 2011

Lace and Strips in Jonathan Aston Angelina Tights

It finally feels like the heat here in NYC is breaking, could we possibly be getting into Fall?  Max has been wearing shorts and I haven't had the chance to really wear any of my new fall tights. Just hope it doesn't get too cold too quickly...

I love these! They are from the Jonathan Aston collection named Angelina. All the tights in this collection have been named for the Hollywood Stars. ie The Kiera Tight and the The Taylor Tight.

The Jonathan Aston Angelina Tights are micro-mesh, with a 20 denier and have a beautiful lace applique look.

A few months ago I bought this lace top at BeBe, I don't shop at BeBe much not really my style. But this particular top felt like a must for my wardrobe. I love the look of it so much that I bought it in off white too!

Then as it sat in my closet, becoming a closet orphan. Then one morning I had an epiphany about how to wear it. Don't just go bold go edgy.

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