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27 April, 2011

My first pair of Calzedonia Hold Ups

These are my first pair of Calzedonia Hold-Ups; I bought them when I went to visit my sister when she was doing a study abroad in Italy. Prior to this discovery, I only really wore tights...since "hold-ups" in rich patterns were a little hard to come by.

When I walked in to the Calzedonia, around the corner from the Duomo in Milan- I fell in love... Patterned hosiery lined the walls; interesting trouser socks, hold ups like I had never scene and tights in every color-even if they were in color combinations that I would never dare wear!

That day I purchased around 80euros in hosiery, and still have the entire contents of that purchase. I left wanting more, and begged my sister to take to the other store I had rode past on the trolley- for those of you who know my sister-you can guess how willing she was to do this, Goldenpoint! Where I purchased another 50euros worth of tights, socks and hold-ups which instantly became my new favorite leg wear choice.

After this visit to Italy, I became obsessed with Calzedonia. Searching every European city I would visit from that point on for a Calzedonia boutique. At first it was difficult, then as the years went on, it became increasingly easier.

Each time I enter a Calzedonia Store, I am like a kid in a candy store. Snatching up what ever I can.

My Hold-ups are black with hot pink and green vertical stripes. At the time, they felt like an odd color combination; I was working for Sugar Cosmetics at the time as the Northeast regional Trainer and Manager and the hot pink matched logo, thus my debut into the color ways of Italian Hosiery was born.

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