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23 April, 2011

I'm not a Model and I'm Okay with that! Thanks to Tina Fey and Agent Provocateur Stockings

Early on when I was writing this Blog, I wasn't scared or nervous about posing for the shot. I was confident in my hosiery collection and crazy thoughts that it would translate. Now every time I pose I worry that my nose will look to big, or that my ass will look fat. I have completely crossed over. Its very troubling because I really shouldn't care about these sorts of things. I do because I work the in the advertising and marketing department at Eileen Fisher and I see beautiful models being retouched to look even more beautiful everyday. So yes, I am more self conscious because of it...did I mention the Ford Modeling Agency office's are on the floor below my office? insert height anxiety here.

Then while listing to Tina Fay's audiobook Bossy Pants, I had an epiphany. Tina doesn't mind being photoshopped so either should I! So from now on I am just going to shoot in natural light, make sure I wear purple eyeliner, and have Ethan Stuber photoshop all my shots! Just kidding. I am going to stop worrying so much about how I look, and focus more on being happy in my own skin.

Tina's book is both hysterical and real. Just a story about a girl named Tina from Pennsylvania...

My hold-ups today are from Agent Provocateur, they are a royal purple with seams up the back...Agent Provocateur is a unique shopping experience. The women that work in this store, have the sexiest uniforms and stockings are required. Every time I go in I am temped to fill out an application for a job-just for the uniform.

Talk about being self conscience, you basically have to walk around and work selling Lingerie in Lingerie.

Agent Provocateur sells both Stockings that require a garter belt set; which of course they sell and hold-ups. They sell their own brand and some French brands.

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  1. that's fantastic! i didn't read that book, but it looks very interesting! i will put it in my list

    kisses from La Mode En Rose = )