Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

19 April, 2011

Les Puces de Paris

In Paris there is no shortage of great shopping. I do not limit myself to only buying hosiery but unique items that one can’t find even in NYC.
Les Puces de Paris, a fantastic Market on the outskirts of the city, has some of the most interesting shopping in Paris. You can find everything from Art Deco Lamps, Vintage Ricard water jugs, vintage hosiery and estate Jewelry. My favorite purchase is by far my leather trench coat. It makes me feel like an undercover super-hero Indiana Jones meets Wonder Woman. However  I think my super hero name would be Stocking Girl, but that might just be too cliché.
I am always on the quest to add to my vintage hosiery collection. As you could imagine, vintage hosiery is hard to come by. Since the nylon used in  hosiery is delicate and disintegrate over time.
The Nylon that is used in modern hosiery was developed during WW 2 when there were storage of silk. The silk was being used for other more important things, like parachutes for the soldiers, which they also replaced with NYLON. The word Nylon is said to come from the combining the names of the founding cities NY for New York and LON for London. Debatable- Some say it came from the scientist combining the words for Rayon and Cotton...

Silk was very limited in the way that it could be used for hosiery. Basics that are still made today are seamed and unseamed fully fashioned stockings. The use of NYLON in weaving techniques have allowed for more intricate designs and lower prices.
My hold-ups today are from Calzedonia a beautiful diamond pattern.


  1. Fabulous trench! We have yet to make it to les puces on any of our Paris visits, but one of these times...