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07 April, 2011

Stocking Around Town with Lydia Kornegay

One of the best aspects of living in New York City is the sheer variety of the way people dress. You can, in just a few minutes, see someone in a complete hipster look, a high end sartorial stance and even someone dressed in newspapers. You never know who that person sitting next to you on the subway is, what they do during the day and who they can become at night.

Where I am currently working, Eileen Fisher, there is a very casual vibe. I guess that is due in part to the clothes that are designed here.  There are a few exceptions and Lydia Kornegay is one of them. Lydia wears both vintage and vintage inspired pieces with flair and allure. Her hosiery collection is both classic and attention-grabbing. Theses beautiful tights she is wearing have a black floral motif with a gray under color. She purchased these at Daffy's a great place to find of the minute trends in Hoisery!

I love the way her shoes and scarf coordinate!

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