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06 April, 2011

Colleen Atwood inspired Outfit and Hold-Ups

Colleen Atwood is by far my favorite Hollywood costume designer. Yes, there are some pretty amazing costume designers out there, but by far Colleen Atwood has a  unique style and it runs through every film she is involved in from Tim Burton's Sleepy Hollow & Sweeny Todd to Tom Hank's That thing you do! She even did the costumes for NINE which were the only good thing about that terrible movie.
Whenever I think of Colleen Atwood I think of vertical stripes in black and white. A style I like to call Gothic, Steampunk meets German Expressionism with a lacy Victorian twist. However it’s hard to define her in only one category. Colleen’s costumes range from Silence of the Lambs to Public Enemy and even Memoirs of a Geisha and my personal favorite Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events.

Tim Burton's Alice In Wonderland
Colleen's verison of the Red Queen
worn by Helena Bonham Carter*

Tim Burton's muse Helena Bonham Carter in her costume for Sweeny Todd*

A image from Lemony Snicket’s Series of Unfortunate Events. *

My favorite Scene from Sweeny Todd*

Did I mention Colleen did the costumes for Chicago too*

I would love the chance to chat with Colleen Atwood and talk about her inspirations and discuss my ideas for my designs for hosiery. I had a similar dream when I met Tim Burton at the Press Day for his show at the MoMa, I only got a chance for a brief discussion about what his films have meant to me. 

Needless to say my script that I have been holding on to for 13 years remained in my purse! But I did leave with an autograph in Max’s Nightmare before Christmas book. If I did get a chance to talk with Colleen Atwood, it would be different. I swear!

My tights today are the brand Bas Love Me. My favorite little indie brand from Paris! They always have a cute pin-up girl on the package and are scented! This particular pair is hold-ups with my favorite little touch, the name “love me” stitched into the top portion of the hold up are a sheer denier of 20 with vertical strips -very Colleen Atwood. I would say this pair are a mustfor any Steampunker out there! My top has the feel of a corset, especially since I must of shrunk it the last time I washed it, my button popped!

These hold ups are particualary special, my friend Laura Angela brought them when she came to visit from Paris last month-THANK YOU AGAIN!! Laura Angela!

*Note the legwear in the Colleen Atwood Film Stills

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