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16 April, 2011

Gray and White lace tights

Lace is a popular look this spring, so why should your legs miss out on all the attention  

This pair of tights I bought at Anthropologie a year ago. I also have them in black

They are grey with a printed white lace design. They are very eye-catching, hard to miss especially in contrast to a darker skirt. I have been wearing this skirt a lot lately. Its from H&M. 

I have love to wear full circle skirts with cardigan, it makes me feel like I am a fifties housewife. 

The cardigan is from Eileen Fisher. 

I love adding lace whenever possible to an outfit. 

As far as white tights go, I don't particularly care for them although I do personally own opaque white tights, white fishnets and a few white tights that have a crochet type feel. I will try and integrate them into my summer/spring wardrobe. I also have a pair of Cervin white seamed stockings, I wore for my wedding in 2006. . 

I feel white tights are only appropriate for small girls preparing for their first Holy Communion or for ballet or to wear with a school uniform. 

If you do wear white tights, its important to choose the rest of your outfit wisely. To wear all white, could make you look like a nurse. Pairing it with other neutrals can look both modern and sophisticated. In this grim April month, winter white can be the natural transition to a zesty crisper summer white.

This pair of white lace tights have a light floral motif

This pair of Wolford White Tight, have a Cervon design. 

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  1. Love your lace tights! I'll probably pass on the all-white tights trend though.

    Who makes the shoes you're wearing in the top pic? Very cool!