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06 February, 2011

Printed Black Lace Tights and a little bit about my Grandmothers...

This weekend we celebrated my Grandparents 60th Wedding Anniversary! Can you imagine being married for 60 years, I will be married for 5 this year and it feels like forever! To change up the topic for tonights post, I would like to talk about my grandmothers.

My grandmothers like everyone their age lived through the Great Depression, World War 2 and also the years of great hosiery wearing. My paternal grandmother (Memom) Jena Rose was a Rockette and my maternal grandmother (Mommom) Genevieve graduated from Pratt in 1949 and was a cook for a television cooking show for Brooklyn Union Gas.

My grandmothers both taught me a lot about hosiery. Mommom taught me always to make sure your seams are straight and how during the war how they would use tea bags to stain their legs and draw a seem up the back with black paint. They both gave me a substantial part of the what is my amazing collection of vintage hosiery and slips. Memom gave me a pair of vintage YSL stockings that I will never be able to wear she is much taller them me and about 10 vintage slips from the 1940's. I always feel incredibly lucky to have had them in my life and for this long.

Today's outfit was simple for special occasion, but the tights are sure fun! They are a gray tight with an all over black lace pattern. These are the sort of tights that have the design printed on them, they are not knitted. I recently bought these at Anthropologie for $4.95. I was going to buy them when they were full price, but then they fell off my radar. I found them in the sale section and was was even willing to pay more for them so the actually price was a nice surprise.

Starting this week I am going do a Bill Cunnigham/Sartorialist type thing and feature someone at random that is rocking some great Hosiery!

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  1. You look awesome! I'm loving your blog. (And how cool that your Memom was a Rockette!)