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23 February, 2011

ShaToBu-Calorie Burning Tights

Another brand that I meet with at the Curve NY show was ShaToBu. ShaToBu are Tummy Shaping, Muscle Toning, Calorie Buring Tights- A workout you wear, or so they say. ShaToBu, also make Shapewear and workout wear.

ShaToBu are the latest trend in the quest for the quick fix exercise solution. These revolutionary calorie burning tights have resistance bands sewn into the gluteus and hamstrings portion of the fabric. They claim to burn 12% more calories a day then a person wearing just regular tights. The perfect solution for the upcoming warm weather! I personally have not had the time that I use to have for exercise unless you count me using MAX as a weight or teaching him to learn how to count by counting the crunches I do on the living room floor. So this exercise fad is right up my alley. I will be purchasing a pair of the ShaToBu tights from MyTights.com, one of the best hosiery sites on the WEB!

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