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02 February, 2011

I love these tights-but they are Out of Stock :(

I am unable to post the photo of today's outfit since I don't have anyone (other then Max) to take my photo.  Nathan is in Cairo covering the situation there and Kate is babysitting. Not to say Max isn't a great little photographer, but after a few attempts we mostly got the wall.

So, I decided to post about these fab tights from ModCloth.com- I have been in "love" with these since they first posted them a few months ago. Unfortunately, I didn't grab them up in time. They are a modern twist on the a pair of traditional pair of seamed tights. I really like the contrast of the nude color and the black. I would however change a few things about them-like making them more a 50den with a sheer 20-30den seam. But, that's just me. So until I get the email notification that they are back in stock, I will just have pretend that they are in my collection.


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