Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

20 February, 2011

Pauline Cervin Tights and a night of Burlesque!

Cervin Hosiery, are one of the most historic manufacturers of Hosiery in France. They are best know for their fully fashioned Champs Elysees  100% Silk stockings. They have a unique way of giving your leg the look of length, line, sophistication and perfection- And my legs are far from perfect- and this is one of the main reasons I wear hosiery- fake it and flaunt it!

This particular pair, I have been coveting for over 2 years now. They are extremely hard to find here in the States, and when you do find the brand, they are always the Champs Elysees line or Espirt Bicolor- which do not have a pattern. Not to knock those fabulous collections, but I personally love a unique pattern. This pair "Pauline" have a Peacock feather styling which is sheer luxury. I finally got a chance to wear them, last night when Nathan and I went out for a night of Burlesque at Duane Park in lower Manhattan. With the feathering and flattering that comes with these tights, I was tempted, for a moment, to take to the stage!

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