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24 February, 2011

Grey and Purple Madness Part 1

For the last few days I have worn nothing but grey and purple. Not on purpose I swear! I really do own other colors, but sometimes it feels comfortable to be in just one or two colors. Maybe I will be one of those people that only wears certain colors. Which isn't the worse thing in the world is it? There are tons of people who only wear black and no one thinks twice about that being unusual.

Purple is definitely my favorite color, it suits me and I am automatically drawn to it over any other color. If I had to pick a shade it would almost always be a warmish purple like the aubergine shade in the photo below day 1. In the colder months I am drawn to cooler purples like the mauve color in day 2 below.

Day 1

Day 1's grey tights are part of the samples I received from Jleana Calze, an Italian Hosiery manufacturer
that I am hoping to work with on developing my own line. They are the perfect shade of grey, very opaque not sure of the exact denier and have a vertical horizontal design.

Day 2

Day 2's tights are from Hansel from Basel a great little Indie brand that has a very hipster vibe with vintage twists. I really enjoy the color combos and unique look to their range. These tights are a thick knit, are very comfy and super warm. They sort of remind me of a pair of tights I would of worn as a kid. 

I think it would be fun to continue on the trend of the two color look, so I will finish out the week in only grey and purple. Lucky for me I have at least 15 pairs of gray tights and 14 of purple, so stop by for round two of Grey and Purple Madness...

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