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13 February, 2011

My Calzedonia Haul!

Last night Nathan got home. After two weeks in all the craziness of Egypt he still found time in his brief stop over in the UK to stop by my favorite store-CALZEDONIA!!

Calzedonia is the Mecca of for any hosiery enthusiast. There collection is always reflective of the styles of the season, for example there spring collection features beautiful floral patterns and strong neutrals. Nathan brought me home 26 pairs of tights, hold ups, leggings, over the knee socks and white jeggings! My spring hosiery collection completed in one visit to Calzedonia not to say I won't be picking up a pair here and there. Calzedoina's are only in Europe, which keeps my legs unique! I have been working on bringing them to the States, but because of some agreement between Calzedonia's parent company and Victoria Secret the women of the USA will have wait until I raise enough money for my store to open. I first visited Calzedonia on a trip to Milan with my sister, ever since then I have visited them in 6 different countries in Europe. There have been seasons were I was unable to get to a Calzedonia in time, they only carry a limited number of pairs in each style at each location. I now have an amazing contact there, so no longer will I have to only admire the beautiful pages of the catalog without being able to make a purchase on this side of the pond!

Since it will most likely take me until spring to get through what I left from my fall purchases, my new collection will have to wait till Spring. There were however a few pairs that Nathan picked up that were from the Fall season so today I am wearing a pair of tights with diamonds in black and grey. They are perfect for a causal Sunday of brunching and grocery shopping. I am wearing them with my denim skirt that I bought at Marks and Spencers and a chunky knit sweater. The boots I bought in Milan on the same trip that I discovered Calzedonia.

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