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04 February, 2011

New-Gerbe Collant Kilim

These are brand new out of the package! I recently purchased them at the hosiery shop inside Penn Station, I know Penn Station but they are one of the only places in NYC that you can find this brand of hosiery. Gerbe is a French brand and is similar to Wolford. I have 6 pairs of this brand that I bought at Galeries Lafayette in Paris not Penn Station...

These tights are beautiful, the pattern is called Kilim . They have an all over folk art design on a sheer base. I find the pattern both exotic and exciting.

I always get asked how to wear a pattern tight with a patterned skirt. This is a nice example. This skirt looks like a cross between and ink blot and a watercolor, the skirt is from JCrew and no longer available. The structure to the pattern on the tights in a nice compliment to the abstract pattern of the skirt.
By pairing it with a plain top it makes your outfit seem less busy...

I recently came upon this posting at AlreadyPretty.com. I think this a great go to guide for anyone that might be nervous about wearing those great tights that have been hiding in your drawer.

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