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18 February, 2011

Seams of Keyholes-Love Me

Today's Hold Ups are from the brand LOVE ME special line Manga. Manga is a special "Japanese" collection with cute Anime Style Pin Ups instead of the normal Pin Up beauties they use on their packages. This brand is from France and are now available on-line (not that I want to give my secret away)....I couldn't believe the amount of compliments that I received on this pair. They are sexy and understated at the same time. A woman on the train this morning asked me wear I bought them, which is so rare for my commute...

I bought them in Galeries Lafayette in Paris last year. The Galeries Lafayette has an entire floor dedicated to hosiery and intimate apparel. Which can seem overwhelming, but not to me.  I just recruited my friend Laura Angela to pick me up a few pairs before she comes to visit in March, since the brand's website is running low.

I have been thinking about Paris a lot recently. We were last there in February of 2010, and I know its been only a year but I really over due for a visit. Not just for the great hosiery and the amazing food but for the great antique markets and beautiful atmosphere! I would move to Paris in a flash, and worry about learning to speak French after. I know the all the words I need to know; collat (hosiery) and cafe!

I paired this amazing find with my new Eileen Fisher top I bought at the sample sale this week at work, my favorite black pencil skirt and my Frye T-Straps.

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