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16 February, 2011

Wolford Paloma Tights

No people my tights are not on backwards! They are from Wolford circa 2009. I bought them at Bergdorf Goodman and every time I wear them people feel the need to tell me that they are on the wrong way round . The look is reminiscent of the seamed stockings of the 30s and 40s, however the other way around- A twist on a classic if you like. 

They are not stockings but tights, and the seams are a gorgeous Royal Purple-just in time for the nuptials on the other side of the pond. I prefer pairing them with a simple shift dress to give a retro feel look, with a modern attitude. 

Every time I wear a pair of "seamed" stockings or tights I always think of the movie "Some Like it Hot" one of my all time favorites. Everything you need to know about wearing seamed hosiery can be summed up in one line uttered by Marilyn Monroe's character Sugar Cane "Are my seams straight?"  followed by Jack Lemon's character Daphne quick retort- "I'll Say!"....
...An honest question with a sly riposte...

That movie also also taught me how to walk in high heels

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