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09 February, 2011

Favorite Skirt with Sweater Hold Ups!

This is my favorite skirt; I purchased it for my birthday a few years ago from Anthropologie!

It’s a little difficult to pair a funky pattern with a striped skirt. I usually wear my brown fishnets with this outfit, but I think my sister borrowed them, so I decided to go with Hold Ups! Which I prefer but sometimes in the winter they can be a bit drafty. The Hold Ups that I am wearing are a sweater weight and have small vertical dots, a very simple pattern. The Hold Ups are the same color as my shirt, going for the look of creating a body suit affect that I read about at Already Pretty.
Something I have always done anyway, but always a good tip

I purchased these Hold Ups at Calzedonia my favorite hosiery shop in the entire world. They are a nice basic and I wish I had them in other colors. Just heavy enough for the cold winter days.

I just found out that my husband-Nathan, who has been away in Egypt these past few weeks, is making a stop over in London. While he is there he promised to stop at Calzedonia for me and pick up my top picks from the Spring 11 collection. Needless to say I am super excited and can't wait.

Until, then I will have to run through my existing assortment. Which at over 300 pairs will take the rest of the winter and the beginning of next winter. Thats not counting socks and leggings.
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