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14 April, 2011

The Royal Wedding- Preparation for THE spring event-Part 1

As I am sure everyone knows, a Royal Wedding is near. Kate Middleton and Prince William are set to tie the knot on April 29th at Westminster Abbey. I personally tied the knot with another lesser known British Prince 5 years ago this September. The Brits have away of making something that seems so romantic both trivial and exciting at the same time. Simultaneously embracing the wedding with endless media hype and lot's of uncomfortable navel gazing

Apparently Kate Middleton will be wearing Aristoc hosiery on the day of her wedding, which is made in Derbyshire England. Good choice for the future Queen of England, keeping the manufacturing in the sceptered Isle. Aristoc is made by the same company that make Pretty Polly, House of Holland and the PP NYLON's collection.

Liberty's is by far the most exciting shop in London-comparable to Barney's and Bendel's. Liberty of London collection for Target was the British invasion of the year 2010. I, like a lot of New Yorkers, flocked to the Pop Up shop last Spring. There floral patterns are right on point for even this spring.

Lucky for me I didn't get bored of them last season. Every-time I go to London, I go to Liberty to check out both the amazing selection of wallpaper and fabrics and of course Hosiery!!

My top is from the Liberty of London collection for Target 2010, and my tights are from a small boutique in East London circa 2006.

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