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16 October, 2011

When in Doubt wear Fishnets!-Philippe Matignon Fishnet Tights

Sometimes an outfit is so grand you don't want to overpower it with a pair of loud tights, so if that's the case or your in doubt wear FISHNETS!

Fishnets should be in every woman or man's hosiery wardrobe, and in at least 3 colors; black, brown and nude. Then of course the season's fashionable color.

I often wear fishnets, I have them in every color imaginable. But, I always love to wear a pair of nude fishnets, they are understated and refined way to carry tights. Blending almost seamlessly onto the leg,  and they add just a little something extra to complement even the boldest outfit.

This is my favorite new FALL outfit! 

I can't wait to play in a giant pile of leaves!

 Max was in the spirt too, he is wearing his tweed jacket with leather arm patches

So if you wear a lot of patterns, or want to feel like you are not the cooperate suit that you sometimes feel like, wear NUDE fishnets, they will make any outfit feel that much more interesting.

These classic NUDE fishnets are from Philippe Matignon and are available from PEEKBrooklyn.com in three great colors!!


  1. Great tights and cute outfit (with adorable blond accessory!).

  2. Hi hun, have you finally got the website up and running ? Feature if you have :)

    Lisa xo

  3. What a great blog! And YOU my dear are A-DOR-A-BLE!!! :?)