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03 October, 2011

The Perfect Pair of Black Opaque Tights denier 50+ Definition of Denier

Its hard to find the perfect pair of black opaque tights. All too often they can be too sheer, or if they are too dark look blue! 

When searching for the perfect pair of opaque black tights it's important take note of the Denier.

Denier is the unit of measurement of hosiery. The unit measures the thickness/weight of a finely spun fiber nylon, silk or spandex. They begin as low as 5 and can go as high 110+.  The higher the Denier, the thicker more opaque the tight, and the lower the number the more transparent. From sheer to opaque.

When it comes to black tights, the denier can make the outfit.

Wolford 5 Denier

Wolford 15 Denier
10-20 denier always make me think of an old Italian Grandma dressed all in black ( Sorry Grandma!)

40-60 Denier are a classy addition to any hipster ensemble

Notice how microfiber looks heavier then regular nylon or rayon blends

...and finally the 100 Den, as we say, are great for anyone and are a staple of any good hosiery collection,


Falke 110 Denier

Whenever I wear 100 Den I think of  that lady we all see on the train all in black with tiny sophisicated glasses and a chunky necklace off to curate a show at MAD or MOMA, maybe this will be Kate, my sister, in a few years!

Tonight's tights are my Commando Ink Black Tights from PeekBrooklyn.Com. They are soft durable and opaque black enough to make it acceptable to wear open toe shoes. Voted best opaque tights by Lucky Magazine!

General rule of thumb, if you wear open toe shoes please make sure they are sandal foot!

If you love opaque tights also check out the B.Ella 90 Denier
They are the softest black opaque tight around!


  1. Great lesson on Deniers! I've noticed in some of the street style photos from Europe FW's that a less opaque black tight is seen more frequently. I'm debating whether to pack my tights or black Spanx pantyhose to wear with a skirt in case we have to dress up a bit for dinner when we visit Italy?

  2. ah i need more tights! i wish i looked as good as the model in just tights haha they are so unflattering!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  3. I think you could go with either. I am always weary of spanx especially when I know I am going to eat a lot! lol...

    In Italy make sure you chekc out Calzedonia! Its the best hosiery shop in Italy!!

  4. The denier doesn't stop at 100. You can commonly find 120 denier opaques from a number of leading brands. Some even offer 200! I've not tried any of those yet, because I find 120 is about perfect for me. Levante and Voodoo are two brands known for their high quality opaque tights. Voodoo is made in Australia, but some on-line retailers are making them available to the USA now. A friend of mine in Oz filled me in about them and sent me a pair of "Totally Opaque Tights". They're really fully opaque and you don't get any sheerness at the knee when bending, plus they've got enough stretch to them that they keep smooth throughout the day. :-)