Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

27 January, 2011


Sorry for not posting yesterday, I have been sick...ick ick....

Anyway, since we have received yet another 19 inches of snow here in NYC.  I am turning to "Jeggings" as my form of leg wear these next few days.  Jeggings which have derived from the trend of Leggings and too tight skinny jeans. Are all over the place, I personally bought my first pair at Marks and Spencers in London two Christmas ago and at the time thought they were just a temporary gap in the trends of our times. They come in all varieties and all price points. What stated as a heavier knit denim looking legging have evolved into 90% spandex and 10% cotton "jeans".  

Here I am wearing a pair of "Jeggings" from J Crew-These ones have a real waistband, zipper fly and I will need to hem them exactly why I really don't wear jeans to begin with. 

Please check out the Wikipedia definition of Jeggings- Jeggings Definition -and check back tomorow when I review Pajama Jeans...


  1. I got some black acid wash looking jeggings but I wanted to save 4 bucks without the draw string... now my pant are fallin' down!