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14 July, 2011

Ready to Indie a GO-GO!! Peek Brooklyn

Hi Everyone! So sorry for the delay in writing. Upon returning from the South of France, I immediately was thrown back into full time parenting and have not had a second of time until summer camp started today!

While in the South of France I rediscovered the small hosiery boutique. These beautiful little shops, and when I say little, most were not much bigger the 4 ft by 8 ft, are hidden gems throughout France. While in one of these sort of shops in Nice I was overcome by the shop lady. This little old lady and her basset hound knew every nook and cranny of the store. While searching around the store, and being shown countless varieties of both tights and hold ups in brands that I knew and brands that I had not yet discovered. After talking about my collection briefly she climbed up a small ladder and grabbed a box from the top shelf of a jam packed with unlabeled boxes and pulled out the a pair from three seasons ago that I had coveted, but never had the chance to buy.

Needless to say I walked away from this shopping experience with 4 pairs of tights, and the discovery of what I want to be. I want to be that little old lady in a cluttered store, being the only one that knows my stock and close for an hour for lunch to meet my husband for lunch and know every variety of hosiery and line.

Once the idea was in my head, I couldn't sit still any longer. 

Which brings me to IndieGoGo. I will be launching my campaign to raise money for my online Hosiery Emporium.

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