Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

24 May, 2011

In preperation for my trip to the South of France

In preperation for my up coming trip to the South of France I felt it necessary to wear a floral print! The Lavender won't be in bloom this time of year, but this skirt can definitely get you in the mood.

With this look I often go-dare I say it BARE legged...so when I put these white "leggings" on it felt odd at first.  These white capri length leggings are from Nordstrom. They have the feel of lace with a bit of stretch. This is the first time I am wearing them this season, and it won't be my last. They will be be one of the pairs I bring on the trip, Nice Grasse, Aix, Arles I am ready!

Which brings me to my dilemma. I am contemplating what to pack for the trip. I will be bringing some hosiery, the weather will be warmer so it will be mostly for evening. I will also be going shopping for hosiery, and don't want to over pack.

My debate begins with my full leather skirt. I have the skirt below in black, do I bring it or is it too dark?

I plan on pairing it with a lace tee-shirt...so is it too much?

The other item I am on the fence about bringing is this pair of off-white lace shorts...can I pull them off?

Of course I "Cannes"


  1. that dress is supeer cute!

  2. Hi hun, just dropping by. You haven't updated for a while hope thing are ok.

    Lisa xo