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10 May, 2011

Stocking around Town with Kim Meinelt in Shorts with Fishnets

A hot trend right now is shorts with tights, as the weather fluctuates it is an easy way to layer, add texture and warmth to your summer tights! All around NYC, are women in summer shorts with Black opaque tights. It recently made the New York Magazine Matrix, and to make a correction-the look is shorts with black tights, not shorts with stockings. To say stockings would imply that these women are wearing full on garters under their shorts-tights and stockings are two totally different things. As I talked about in my blog posting about the difference between Tights, Stockings and Hold Ups. 

I am torn whether or not I can pull off this look. On one hand any look that can incorporate my love for tights, is something I am always willing to try. On the other, all the girls I see wearing this look as so HIP-which is a category that I never put myself in.

For today's Stocking Around Town I am featuring Kim Meinelt, the visual concept director at Eileen Fisher; whom I recently worked with on the Eileen Fisher Fashion show with at Columbus Circle.

Uniquely, Kim has paired her shorts with fishnets! Kim has an amazing flair, and why should her shorts and tights be any different!

I am incorporating two posts in one tonight, since I am a week late in posting. I have been totally swamped at work, and tonight/today is the first day I have had to relax!

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  1. I love wearing black leggings, think it goes well with white shorts. Don't have fishnets but maybe one day soon.

    Thank you for commenting on my blog recently! I feel quite honored to have someone from Eileen Fisher's team visiting my blog :)

    Model Jihae Kim is stunning, I did recognize her :) she must have been the third or second model to walk out on stage during the show (forgot the order). I still can't believe that I was right there. Last November I illustrated the Eileen Fisher 2007 campaign ad:
    Eileen Fisher Ad Campaign Inspiration

    Good luck with establishing your Hosiery line! I know you can do it, in NYC anything is possible. Please stay in touch, I will.

    Circle of Design Fashion Illustration