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25 September, 2011

Phillip Matignon Jade "Kiss Me Kate Tights" Fall's Highbrow Hosiery Trend

One of falls hottest hosiery trends are nude pantyhose! Yes, the nude leg is back! Thanks to The Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton. The hottest trend in hosiery to cross the pond since the invention of NYLON...

I have always leaned toward the patterned tights of the world, but there has always been room for the perfect pair of nude pantyhose. Something that accentuates the leg just enough to make your pins appear longer, especially if your on the shorter side like me. Then I always look for something so nude, that you can't tell that I am even wearing pantyhose, and if its for evening something with a little bit of a shine.

A pair of pantyhose or tights that incapsulates all of these qualitites are the Kiss me Kate or Jade Tights from the PHILLIPE MATIGNON brand. They add shine, and hide the fact that our legs are loosing the tan from the summer.

A trend so High Brow it made the New York Magazine Matrix

Phillip Matignon Jade Kiss me Kate Pantyhose Tights are available here @ PeekBrooklyn.com

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