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14 September, 2011

Play Me Burlesque Launch Party in my favorite Cervin Tights and Kate in Fab Fishnets!

On the rare occasion that I get to go out on a school night, I want to do it in style. So Kate and I stepped out and attended the launch party of Play Me Burlesque a deck of cards dedicated to the alluring women of the NYC Burlesque Scene. This buxom deck was created by Malgorzata (Maggie) Saniewska a talented photographer. Her vision - bewitchingly executed on 54 beautiful cards. They include the alluring Medianoche, the charasmatic Nasty Canasta, the graceful Peekaboo Pointe and vivacious Gigi La Femme not to mention 50 women equally as talented and endowed- Deal em!

 Cards by Malgorzata (Maggie) Saniewska
Featuring Nastie Canasta, Gal Friday, Medianoche & Gigi La Femme

Calamity Chang


Gal Friday

For the event I wore my favorite Cervin tights, adorned with feathers. They made me feel as if I was going to take the stage and perform...just with all my clothes on- this time!

Kate is wearing a saucy pair of Calzedonia Fishnets with a lace peek panel. Her long legs really show off the top detailing of this pair.

I hope we keep your interested PEEKED! We have lots to share, and will take it all off on September 23! 

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