Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

12 March, 2011

Black Lace Leggings and How to wear leggings!

Leggings are one of the biggest trends in hosiery. They come in all materials; denim, cotton, spandex and nylon. A variety of color and deniers. You can wear leggings alone, with a tunic and even with skirts and dresses.  This look can be tricky to pull off. Leggings of the correct denier and material look great worn alone without any covering on the BUTT.  However, some styles of Leggings in certain colors and deniers should not be worn alone! They are more like footless tights, not leggings and should not be worn without the BUTT area covered. A good rule of thumb should be- if they look like tights think of them as tights NOT leggings...and wear them accordingly.

In fall 2010 LACE leggings became the trend. You could find them at every price point from the $145.00 Alexander McQueen Koi Lace leggings at Bergdorf Goodman to the $45.00 ELLE Lace Leggings from Kohls. The pair I am wearing below are called "leggings" but since they are totally textured and still thin in the butt area, the footless tights should be worn with a longish tunic type top or under a skirt. Even with my butt covered I still decided that I need a little more coverage, so I decided to wear a pair of black spandex leggings underneath so not to reveal anything to my co-workers or the strange guy on the train...


  1. Cute ensemble! I love the feminine/masculine mix of the lace leggings and duck boots.

    So glad someone else is blowing that horn about not wearing thin leggings as pants! Some of the younger women in my office do this, and to my eye they look undressed. I was perusing the hosiery section at Nordstrom yesterday, and can't believe the variety of leggings available now.

  2. Nodstroms has one of the best hosiery departments around! The private label they work with is the same one I talk about in one of my other posts!!