Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

03 March, 2011

I'm in Love with these Trasparenze Gillian Hold Ups!

Everyday I see hosiery that I want! If I bought every pair, then I know I would have a problem. Also, I think my collection would start to over run my house. I already can't store the pairs I have. But, these I know I can't live without! Did I mention that my friend Laura Angela just brought me 6 pairs from Paris and Nathan is bringing me home a few pairs from China!!

These Hold-Ups are from Trasparenze a lovely Italian Brand, that makes both funky and sexy hosiery. I first discovered them at Goldenpoint a few years ago. You can find them at My Tights and occasionally at Tj Maxx among other small Lingerie boutiques. These are a great design, not only do I love love love the lace detail going up the back of the leg the front portion is covered in polka dots. So very Italian... These pair will only set you back about $25.00, and are always excellent quality. I have pairs from this brand that have lasted for years.

People sometimes are intimidated by Hold-ups, they worry that the Hold-ups will fall down in the middle of the day. The trick is wetting the rubber portion with a little water. It makes the rubber, (yes its rubber) stick better. Or if that doesn't work you could always for extra protection buy sock garters which are also great if the rubber in a favorite pair of Hold-ups are on there last leg. .


  1. I'm always worried that hold ups (which we used to call thighhighs) will give me a visible band mark since my legs are a bit plump. LIke the band will squeeze in and then you'll see my leg then squeeze out. eewwww.... Like muffin topping on your thighs. Any tips? These are lovely tho...

  2. The best part about hold-ups is that the stretch. If you buy them in a taller size then you can sometimes pull them up past what could be the muffin area...Or you could go with the two part look, and wear a shaper slip, it will help to make everything smooth... But don't worry about that, silly goose...:)