Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

21 March, 2011

Care and Maintenance of Hosiery Part 1

When you have as many pairs of tights, leggings, hold-ups and socks as I do the care and maintenance are very important in the longevity of every pair. Today, I washed roughly 40 pairs. Its a big task when it come time to wash them so I wait until I have accumulated a few pairs.

Now, don't think I am standing over a sink all day with a basin and bottle of woolight. I do "hand-wash" a few pair, especially if they have a snag or they are on the "older" side of my collection. For the bulk of them I put them into a "washable net bag" and put them in the washing machine on the "hand wash" setting. Only a few pairs at a time, so they don't get tangled or torn.

The best detergent to use is Woolight for darks (when your tight etc are dark colors of course). I always allow them to soak post wash to get all of the detergent. Then you never want put hosiery in the dryer. This is where possible shrinkage can happen as well as possible tearing. SO I always line dry, I allow them to dry for at least 48 hours.

Finally I put them back into the system I have created for storing them. Which consists of plastic baggies, post its and a wonderful organizational system for Ikea. This is another post, I plan on doing for the end of the season!

My tights are as much a part of my outfit as my shoes or handbag, and I try to treat them that way. All 300 plus pairs of them!

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