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17 March, 2011

Happy St Patty's Day in Calzedonia

Typically on St Patricks Day New York turns into a sea of GREEN!  Today was no exception, green pashminas, green accents and even green socks. I typically don't wear the color green, but decided in the spirit of the holiday I would try and russell something up. I thought at least I had green tights-but I think I gave them away...After a lot of digging I found a green shirt, that I purchased before Max was born, so I was amazed that it even still fit!

In lieu of Green tights, I wore a pair of tartan hold ups from Calzedonia Fall 2009. Sort of golfing leprechaun look. I am also really loving that I can now take my daily photo outside, and wish I would of done this since the beginning.

Check out Max's tartan green socks!

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