Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

31 March, 2011

Oroblu Tights

Italian hosiery has always reflected that country's unique style, sexiness and brovado. Unlike the more understated French hosiery with natural colors and heavier deniers, Italian hosiery is an explosion of colorful graphics and odd color combinations. I have countless pairs that feature color stories that are difficult to wear and showcase with out buying specific outfits to wear with them.

The brand Oroblu is no exception. They have classic hosiery, or as they call it the couture high-end chic. The elegance collection, the daily collection, the ex cell collection that help massage the cellulite out your legs and the bronzing collection that give your legs the appearance of being tan, similar to the Gerbe sunlight collection.

They even have the Miss Oroblu collection which is a "younger" version of the Trend line that Oroblu creates for the fall/winter and spring/summer seasons. I always eye up the brand, and often resist

This pair of Oroblu tights are from the fall 2010 collection remind me of a Harlequin or Picasso painting. I purchased them at Nordstrom's this past weekend.

When I first picked them up I wasn't thrilled by the color, but very intrigued by the pattern. I turned them around to find that they were gray and purple, SCORE! Then when I got home I found they had a third color, green. Well like I said, classic Italian hosiery-great patterns odd color combos! I paired them with a simple black outfit and gray sweater. I only wish I would of worn a shorter skirt to truly showcase the bold pattern.


  1. Very interesting. And I like your style!

    xx THE CHEAP


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