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22 March, 2011

Trouser Socks are Hosiery too!

For those of you who don't wear stockings, tights or hold ups I decided to write about "socks" but not just any socks Trousers Socks. Trouser socks or Knee Highs are decorative or sheer socks worn under trousers as a more refined take on traditional cotton socks. Trouser socks can add a whimsical touch to any outfit just like a pair of tights or hold ups.

The are differences between trouser socks and knee highs. Knee highs are usually more sheer in a nude or sheer black color, the pantyhose of the lower knee world. They typically don't have a pattern or are really stylish. Trouser socks however are more patterned usually like intricate patterned tights. The are both typically made out of nylon or a lycra cotton blend. Before trouser socks were made with this stretchy material, men and women would have to wear sock garters.

Calzedonia makes an amazing collection of trouser socks, both for men and women. They even make trouser socks that have a rubber upper portion idenical to hold-ups. I particuarlly love the mens sock collection from Calzedonia, they come in a wide variety of fun patterns and colors, as well as all of your basics. I often have to restock on these since they are very comforatble and my husband ends up stealing them for his own use.

So for today I am wearing a pair of "Trouser socks" in a white with a black patterned up the front similar to the damask tights I spoke about here. I think I might have bought these in Calzedonia, but I am not entirely sure. But, I know that I didn't buy them in the States.


This outfit always makes me feel like Katherine Hepburn.

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