Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

16 March, 2011

Monoprix Collant

In France there is an amazing selection of Hosiery- From Galeries Lafayette to Monoprix. French women wear hosiery even in the summer.  There are boutiques that house fantastic French brands like Gerbe and Cervin and small boutiques with selections of hosiery that are eclectic, and full of surprises. I could spend a lifetime in the backstreets of Paris turning up new finds.

Monoprix is a SUPERmarket! - Think Target with style. They have everything from a vast selection of Yogurts and other grocery's- children's clothes and yes hosiery! Monoprix is always on point of the trends of the season, and their hosiery is no exception. The color of the hold-ups below are purple fishnets, I know I said I don't wear fishnets but purple ones I can make an exception for. They always have fishnets in the current trend colors, and in both hold-ups and tights. They are only around 8 Euro's so I bought two pairs of both.  They have trendy leggings and basics like opaque black and neutral skin tones. After spending close to 100 Euros I had to make my way over the cookie aisle and buy my favorites-  Lotus Speculoos and a bottle of wine that didn't cost more than 4 Euros and finally a shirt for Max, because they have the cutest kids clothes. This was the least expensive hosiery buy of the trip.

The combination of purple fishnets, black mini and combat style boots make me feel like it's 1997, with the exception of my very grown up Eileen Fisher sweater that I bought at the sample sale at work. I was going to attempt to wear one grey fishnet hold up and one purple, but my conservative nature got the better of me. So in the mean time I will have to conjure up another outfit for my grey fishnet hold-ups. 


  1. I'm really going to have to spend more time in Monoprix this next time. We did a quick pass through, but didn't take time to really shop.

    Love the boots! I have that sweater in grey and love it.

  2. Its a great sweater!! Let me know if you post something about it!!