Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

13 March, 2011

Now on Broadway-Anything Goes!

I love Slips- I have over 50 in my collection! Slips are very important when wearing hosiery, so your legs don't cling to your skirt and you end up flashing half of the people you are walking by. They also can add a little extra something to any outfit. Slips can also, when layered correctly of course, be perfect little black dresses...Very grunge/babydoll look...

For Nathan's Birthday on Thursday March 10th we went to see the Broadway preview of  "Anything Goes" Unfortunately, it rained ALL night, so the outfit I was going to wear had to be put on hold.  I wore 3 different slips all layered one on top of one another. With plain black opaque hold-ups and duck boots- Oh well!

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