Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

04 March, 2011

Stand out with these Great Damask and Cream Tights

On most days I consider my hosiery the center piece of my outfit. I first pick my hosiery and then create an outfit around it. With some of my more ornate pairs, this usually means something completely black and basic. So not to take away from the beauty of the hosiery. Today, I went with a complete deco look with a great pair of cream tights, from Anthropologie.

I fell in love with these tights the first time I saw them on line in October of 2010. To me the only problem was that they are white and thick Cotton! Then when I finally got around to seeing them in person I discovered they are more cream and a cotton blend. So I took the plunge and purchased them. After purchasing them they sat in my new purchase bin waiting for the right day to debut!

The tights have a beautiful Damask pattern going up the front and the back of the leg, so it's very important that they remained straight on the leg. Sometimes with cotton blend tights, that are one size fits all that it can be a little difficult. The cream color automatically draws your eye to the tights so keeping my outfit simple, left the tights to make a statement.

A special thanks to Max who took all of these photos!
He is only 3.5 but he already has a great eye!


  1. They look fabulous on you! 3.5 and he takes better pictures than my husband! That's some budding talent there.

  2. He must be talented! nice outfit.


  3. HE really has the moves of a fashion photographer too! I will post more!

  4. REALLY cute blog! Love these tights!