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13 March, 2011

Casual Weekend in Calzedonia Floral Tights in Navy Blue

I never really like the color "Navy" especially when it comes to tights. They always make me think of a school uniform, or Horsey Bristish women- So when Nathan showed me this particular pair of Calzedonia tights I wasn't exactly thrilled. They are right on trend for the spring 2011 season, with an all over floral pattern.  I began to wonder if I would have anything to wear with them. I don't wear blue other then denim and I think I might only own one blue shirt...

This weekend we had unseasonably warm weather. I am thrilled with the upcoming seasonal change-  it will be great to move from the heavy opaque patterned tights and into the whimsical floral and open weave patterns! I can't wait to reveal all of my newest spring 2011 additions most of them from Calzedonia of course...

So imagine my amazement when I found the perfect outfit to showcase my floral tights that I now really like despite the fact they are navy! I have the same pair in another color way... By pairing the navy tights with a simple denim skirt, grey sweater and boots one of my newest pair of Calzedonia Tights were ready for a pre-spring debut!


  1. So cute! I actually have a pair of gray tights with pink flowers that I couldn't say "no" to, but had no idea how to wear them... but your outfit is so cute! I've found my inspiration for how to wear them! :)

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