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15 March, 2011

Gerbe-Laçage Collants

There is nothing better then unveiling a brand new pair of tights for a special occasion. Today I had something special happening so I decided to wear my new pair of Gerbe Laçage Tights that I purchased in the hosiery store "Elegance" in Penn Station, one of the best hosiery stores, and until now, one of the best kept secerts in the whole of New York City!

Gerbe is a French brand that I first discovered in Paris. They have some of the most exciting trends in tights. They have been extremely hard to hard to find in the US  until recently, and they even have a new and improved website! Gerbe has something for everyone-they make fully fashioned stockings, to the best opaque black tights, sun kissed tights for those days before you legs are tan and even hosiery for men.

The Gerbe Laçage tights are part of their Limited Edition Collection. Their limited editions are only out for a year or until they sell out so you have to make an instant decision not to miss out. I have miss out on many pairs throughout the years, which when you are a "collector" like me can be frustrating. After waiting for the perfect occasion to wear my Gerbe Laçage Tights, and receiving a few double takes and compliments, I snagged them on the knee. So they are going straight back itno my collection before anything else can happen to these real one of a kind.

Laçage translates to "Lacing"
These Tights have the apperence of a Tall Lace Up boot!

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