Wear your hosiery well, so they always have a good run!

29 March, 2011

Nordstrom has the best Hosiery Department!

Nordstrom hands down has the best hosiery section of any department store.  

Nordstrom has everything from the basics; Spanx, HUE, Orablu and both DKNY and Donna Karen . They also carry their own private label that has some of the best textures patterns that are sometimes equally as great as Europe's Calzedonia. 

At the beginning of each season, I dash to my local Nordstrom and scour both their private label brand and the brand names. Their recent rebranding of their private label packaging is both modern and fresh. 

After my recent visit to the King of Prussia Mall Nordstrom PA, I decided to see what they had for spring. I found a pair of floral leggings similar to a pair of tights I got from Calzedonia spring collection. Usually, Nordstrom private label are made in Italy. This time, the pair I naturally assumed were made in Italy were in fact made in China. 

The fact that they are made in China did not stop me from wanting to purchase the whole range. I did buy 4 pairs, 3 pairs made in China and one pair made in Italy. The quality of some hosiery made in China is not nearly what it is if was made in Italy. I don't know if its the choice of yarn, the dying of the yarn or just the machines that the hosiery is knitted on. But this particular pair was identical to the pair made in Europe. 

This particular pair of black lace floral leggings are right on trend for the Spring 2011 season. A mixture of bold florals with a classic lace. Whenever I wear a bolder tight or legging I am inclined to wear a simple outfit. 

Today, I wanted to wear these leggings as tights, so I paired them with boots to hide the legging aspect.

Now we just need spring to arrive so I can wear my new white lace leggings and 
the rest of the amazing Calzedonia haul Nathan bought me!